Real Estate Management Services

For projects that are determined to be viable, The EPH Group provides full-service asset management from pre-construction (development) through construction and sales. The EPH Group taps into extensive networks of local and regional real estate resources to quickly mobilize local market teams that work as contractors to complete projects to their highest and best use. Specifically, The EPH Group will oversee and manage the local market team as well as provide oversight for project budgeting, take offs and bidding procedures. Ultimately, The EPH Group takes responsibility for managing field construction by scheduling, supervising and completing projects on time and on budget.

Because the highest and best use for a project is that which is best positioned to meet targeted consumer groups at effective price points, The EPH Group articulates each project’s unique selling position and positively augments it through a community marketing strategy which typically includes presenting the site utilizing appropriate models, decorations, landscaping, entrance signage and sales office layouts. The EPH Group hires, trains, and manages local sales personnel as well as develops advertising and promotion strategies that ensure revenue is realized consistent with the projected timetable for capital recovery.